Middlesex Learning Partnership

The End of an Unusual Term

Dear All

The last month has been for our lives and for education in the UK, an extraordinary experience. On a daily basis we are living through the far-reaching effects of the terrible virus as individuals, as families and in the work we all take on as part of the Trust.

I can’t begin to thank you enough for the Above and Beyond way that you have come through for the young people in our academies and for each other. I also can’t begin to convey the depth of my admiration for the innovative solutions and sheer determination I have seen to ensure that our young people, challenged as so many of them are, do not slip further behind. I have incredible admiration for you all as do our Trust Board and Governors who passed on their appreciation during our recent Trust Meeting.

We none have all the answers, I spend much time devouring Government Covid-19 documentation to guide my decision making, but as often as not, due to the ever-changing circumstances, another guidance document will come through which supersedes the previous advice and triggers a different decision. However, I know that as a community, we are doing our absolute best to find the smartest route forward to maintain that essential support we offer to pupils and their families, our colleagues and our friends.

During this exceptional time, it is vital that we take care of ourselves and remember that we are human, even though we all like to think we are superheroes! The health and well-being of our staff and pupils must be at the forefront of all we do and I know that our Heads have taken this into account in making sure that we all stay as safe as possible, ensuring that you stay at home as much as possible. This new way of working is not easy, you may be juggling families and care of relatives, as well as your commitments to your job. I know that I have missed that normality in my life and have up and down days, as I say we are all human. If you are struggling to adjust to these new circumstance, then please take the advice coming from the Heads and from HR, we are naturally social creatures, so don’t hold back on the phone calls; zooms; skypes etc. I believe they are the best therapy!

Going forward, there will be more uncertainty and further unforeseen challenges. However, bearing in mind the way that you have responded so far, through the way you have shown you care about each other and the pupils; your ability to adapt and your sheer resilience, I think we are well placed to face the challenges. In fact if you could come up with a group of people more suited to dealing with change and challenge, then I don’t think you could do better than a group of educators!

Things will get better, this will be a memory and be part of the history our pupils will study in the years to come. I think that as a sector and as a Trust we have learnt much in a very short time. There will be much to share, particularly from the virtual route pioneered by Barnhill and Damian, the Distance Guru and his team! I see virtual staff meetings coming online across the Trust after this morning’s successful INSET experiment.

I hope to write a more forward looking email at the end of next term, meanwhile take care of
yourselves and do not hesitate to contact myself, the central team and of course your heads if you have concerns or queries. Try and keep smiling and I hope that you manage to enjoy your Easter Holidays, chocolate, I believe is not on ration!

Very kindest of regards

Tracey Hemming
CEO Middlesex Learning Partnership

PS One request from me if you have a twitter account. Could you please sign up to the MLP twitter account it goes under my name @TraceyHemming1 and when you tweet a relevant tweet eg the delights of virtual learning; or something you have done to feel positive about, then tag me in and it will go straight onto the MLP website. I’d really like to capture some of the superb examples we have of delivering education and care to our communities.

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