Middlesex Learning Partnership

Educational Performance

As a young MAT we are proud of the impact we have made and are continuing to make within our Academies. We aspire to achieve Outstanding provision for all of our pupils and students within the Trust. 

In the short time that the Trust has existed it has delivered consistent and rapid Academy Improvement. This is conveyed clearly through Ofsted commentary; improved outcomes and the upward trajectory of the Quality Reviews we undertake annually.

“Children are at the centre of all you do”

Ofsted, January 2016

Barnhill Community High School is now achieving its highest ever outcomes and Ofsted praised the leadership of the Trust: “you have taken effective action to address areas that you identified after joining the school. You have raised expectations for behaviour and for what pupils can achieve, particularly those from disadvantaged backgrounds. As a result, disadvantaged pupils now make much better progress and their attainment is improving. There is a more purposeful and effective culture for learning that pupils and staff recognise and appreciate.”  Ofsted, September 2016

Our work with Grange Park Junior School resulted in a school struggling with no leadership team achieving a Good Ofsted Inspection within 8 weeks: “The partnership with Barnhill Trust is extremely effectiveand contributes extensively to the overall effectiveness of the school... The interim headteacher’s leadership is inspirational. She has worked tirelessly to secure rapid improvements and provide focused leadership for the school.” 

Ofsted, January 2016

Belmore Primary School had been Ofsted rated “Requires Improvement” for several years when it joined the Trust. However, the Academy last year achieved progress scores putting it into the top 5% of the country and their recent Challenge Partners Quality Review graded school improvement as Outstanding. With the exceptional outcomes achieved this academic year we are hoping that it will be the first of our schools to achieve an Outstanding grading overall.

“School improvement initiatives are considered, timely, well planned and rigorous; leaders ensure that they are consistent throughout the school.  The school invests in its staff, including middle leaders.  It provides a myriad of opportunities including coaching, mentoring, peer observation and leadership courses. There are opportunities for teachers to visit other settings in the Trust as well as to support other schools in school improvement actions” Challenge Partners, October 2016.

William Byrd Primary Academy has just joined the Trust and had a period of instability, resulting in special measures in 2016.  Our intensive work with the school for the 6 months prior to their joining the Trust has been recognised as highly effective. Outcomes are rising , teaching and learning improving rapidly and now Leadership and Management is at full capacity.  We have great hopes that the full potential of this Academy will be achieved with the strong leadership team now in place.

"The school improvement team has provided strategic direction and stability at a critical juncture for the school.  Any actions taken and decisions made were after thorough analysis and designed to provide sustainable improvement in the educational enrichment for our pupils."

Gurnam Bhullar
William Byrd Primary Chair of Governors

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